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Guyana-born nurse, who vaccinated US-elected VP, denies the injection is fake, assures “it’s safe”.

Nurse Patricia Administering Covid-19 to Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is vaccinated by Guyana-born Nurse Patricia Cummings

The Guyana-born U.S.-based nurse who administered COVID-19 vaccine to US Vice President-elect (US) Kamala Harris on Tuesday even claimed the vaccine was a farce as he said there has been a large increase in inquiries since the injection was given late last month.

Nurse Patricia Cummings, speaking to News Talk Radio Guyana 103.1 FM, said the numerous negative comments following her administration of the vaccine to VP Harris were unfounded.

Nurse Cummings says she personally researched the vaccine – before taking the Pfizer-BioNtech version herself and administering the Moderna brand to VP-elect Harris, and is therefore well placed to rubbish allegations that the vaccine was fake.

“As the individual, who actually received the vaccine and gave it to the Vice President, I have seen comments that there was water in the syringe, there was saline in the syringe, the plumber did not move. All those accusations and speculations are wrong.

I can say that as the person who actually vaccinated the VP-elect, this was the real vaccine and the research has shown it to be safe, the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer. The research has shown it is safe and I think we need to stop speculation and really take part in this opportunity that has the potential to save as a group, ”said Ms. Cummings who is now Nurse Manager Clinical at the Unified Medical Center.

In southeastern Washington, DC Born in Bartica, Ms. Cummings grew up on the Corentyne and vividly recalled her childhood games and other activities. He eventually moved to Georgetown where he attended West Ruimveldt Primary School during the tenure of well-known Guyanese ‘Common Entrance’ teacher Wilfred Success.

She plans to visit Guyana this year as her grandmother would be 100 years. She also plans to contribute to Guyanese young people’s development of health, well-being and living a “holistic” life and eventually work together with the Ministry of Health and the nursing fraternity.

Admittedly, she was nervous when she found out she’d been administering the injection to the Vice President-elect. “I was so nervous and ‘yes’, I couldn’t sleep for about two nights before giving the vaccine and I would say about a day after I was still very hyped. That excitement was bubbling and I was overcome with expectation only but I can say that I am more settled now and I feel honored again, frankly, grateful that the opportunity presented itself and that I completed it successfully, ”he said.

Nurse Cummings earned an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University.


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