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Guyanese-American nurse who gave jab to US VP urges all to get vaccinated

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Nurse Patricia Administering Covid-19 to Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

Nurse Patricia Cummings taking her jab.

Long before Patricia Cummings made headlines for vaccinating United States Vice-President Kamala Harris, she was a nurse who enjoyed caring for her patients as much as she could.

Cummings, who has been a nurse for 16 years and is currently a Clinical Nurse Manager, left Guyana at the age of nine for St Lucia and then moved to the US at age 16. For her, the journey has been more than fulfilling.

“What keeps me motivated is the fulfillment that I feel in the job that I do. Nursing is a profession of grace, of caring, of patience, it is a profession that I can consider reputable. If you are a nurse you are seen as a trusted source that people in the community go to for information, for help and for me it is more fulfilling than anything…,” Cummings told the Stabroek Weekend during a virtual interview while she was in Guyana recently.

Maybe it was because of her being trusted that she was selected to vaccinate VP Harris. She said she was still, “pinching myself and asking how did that happen”. But in the natural sense, it started close to mid-December after the vaccine was approved.


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